There are many cinemas in Barcelona, but the majority will show international films dubbed in Spanish or Catalan. Below is a list of cinemas that do show films in their original language with subtitles:

Filmoteca de Catalunya (Raval)

Cines Verdi(Gracia)

Cine Malda (Gotico)

Cines Renoir (Sant Antonie)

Cines Melies (Exaimple)

Yelmo Icaria (Port Olympic)

Boliche (Exaimple) https://

Balmes Multi Cines (St. Gervasi) (Outdoor Cinema in summer only)

ZumZeig (Sants)

Cinemes Girona (Exaimple)

A different way to experience cinema is to visit CCCB in Raval. On their ground floor is the corner for Xcentric, a viewing library for experimental films. Xcentric also has a screening series for seldom seen films. Their program can be visited through the website.

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