Networking groups for film makers operate both at a local level, facilitating local interactions, as well internationally.

Below are various networks where you can get in contact with other film makers:

Local Barcelona based groups:

The Barcelona International Film Making meetup group and Facebook Group is an activity and networking group working through the platform. This group organizes learning and networking events, as well as joint film making events. This is an international group and language spoken at meetings generally is in English.

The Barcelona Film Company is a Facebook group for international film makers in Barcelona.

Colectivo de Cineastas is a Barcelona Facebook group in Spanish.

The University of Barcelona (UB) also maintains a directory of Catalan based Directors.

Non-local groups: is a Spanish based network aiming to bring film makers and producers in contact and aim to create a new way of financing films. is a US based global network for film makers. Stage32 also hosts on-line learning events.

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