The Barcelona Film Making Wiki is an information resource for film makers (in any discipline) working in the Barcelona area or film makers from outside of Barcelona looking for information on film making in Barcelona.

Anyone is welcome to add information to the page, add to or correct entries made by others or contribute in any other way. No log-in is required, but log-in preferred, as well as summary of changes, so we remain a transparent community. No permissions for editing are required. There is no 'owner or editor' of the page. As such the page is owned by the community it is intended to support and edited by its most active members at their own initiative.

Information added on this page should be helpful for other film makers in being able to facilitate each others work through sharing of information. This can include local information (such as local rental houses and festivals), as well as non-local information useful for local film makers (such as links to festival submission sites or information on national or European grants).

This Wiki should NOT be used for promotion of individual projects or events, or used as a discussion group (except for in the forum section) or personal blog. Any such information will be deleted. Information should be as much as possible, factual and unbiased, with the intention to share with and support other film makers.

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