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Welcome to the Barcelona Film Making Wiki[]

The Barcelona Film making Wiki is a collaboration space created by Mican Productions for Barcelona based film makers, with the aim to be an information hub for film making in and around Barcelona. The aim of this page is to allow local Barcelona Film Makers share/update resources and information which will be useful for other film makers. We welcome collaboration from any one who has information they can share that may be useful for local film makers, but discourage people form adding information on personal projects or promoting of events. Information not deemed in the spirit of this wiki will be removed.

Please see our page withbasic rules and norms for this Wiki.

Barcelona Film Making Wiki Topics:[]

Below is a list of topics relevant for film makers in Barcelona. Each link leads to a sub page where information can be added on each of these topic. Contributors may add additional topics and list them in the list below with an appropriate link to the sub page. (Simply add a topic, highlight the topic and click link to a new wiki. Then click on the link and start the new page).

- Barcelona Film Commission, Licensing and copyrights (How to get permits to shoot on location, and what you need to know )

- Information resources for submitting films to festivals

- Barcelona based film related schools

- Casting Barcelona Based Actors

- Equipment Rental Houses

- Buying Film Equipment

- Barcelona based film festivals

- Original Language Cinemas

- How to find and apply for film grants

- Networking Groups

- Barcelona based film production and post-production companies

- Barcelona location suggestions, location companies and studios

- Tips for finding Barcelona based crew (online resources etc)

- Reference books for screenwriting, directing actors, story structure etc

- Filmmaking links and resources

Latest activity[]

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