Barcelona Filmmaking Wiki

Various Film Festivals are active in and around Barcelona. The following link has an overview of some of the festivals.

The largest festival in the area is the Sitges Film Festival taking place in October, which is one of the most important genre film festivals in the world.

Other festivals in Barcelona are:

- The Barcelona Film Festival

- L'Alternativa - Alternative and experimental cinema

- Mecal - Short Films

- Festival Internacional de Cinema d'Autor

- Curt Ficcions

- Docs Barcelona - Documentary Film Fest

- El Meu Primer Festival - Youth Film Festival

- El Festival de Cinema Jueu - Jewish Film Festival

- LOOP - Experimental Film

- Film and Cook - Film and Food

- La Mostra FIRE!! - Gay and Lesbian Films

- IN-EDIT - Music Documentaries

- La Mostra - Festival for women film makers

- Sala Montjuïc - Open Air Cinema

- Ficma - Environmental Film Festival

- BCN Sports Film - Sport Film Festival

- Americana Film Fest

- Human Rights Film Festival

- Muestra Internacional de Cine Migrantes

- Barcelona Surf Film Festival

- Barcelona Creative Commons Film Festival

- Landscape Film Festival

- Epic Film Festival - Extreme Sports

- Most - Wine and Cava Film Festival

- Digital Barcelona Film Festival (DiBi)

- 3D Film & Music Fest Barcelona

- Crypt Show - Badalona

- Vida de Perro

- Trails in Motion - Sant Cugat

- Choreoscope - Dance Film Festival

- Festival Internacional de Cine 'Nunes'

- Off Side

- Sants Marato de Cine Fantastico y Terror

- Festival de Cine de Terror Molins del Rei

- Filmets - Badalona Film Festival

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